Japanese experimental music and performance act formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (electronics and vocals), together with Sayaka Botanic (violin, sampler and cassette tapes) and Kaoru (Vocals, percussions). Their early shows came as a shock to most audiences, with a mixture of avant-garde noise, intense poetry reading and performance art including nude live-painting. They quickly became a popular act in Tokyo痴 underground venues, which resulted Tommi and Sayaka to continue the project as a duo after Kaoru痴 departure to London for her study.

In 2015 group A self-released their 3rd album,[ 70+a= ]andplayed their first European Tour resulting in the duo moving their base to Berlin. Since then the duo have released through Berlin based Mannequin Records and Kashual Plastik, and Poland's Mecanica Records.

In addition to their concerts the band has also been involved in theatre work. In 2018 Tommi and Sayaka teamed up with choreographer Christoph Winkler for their first theatre piece, "Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist" which was performedat Berlin痴 HAU2during the city痴 CTM Festival. A few months later, the multi media performance piece [anOther], which was created incollaboration with Montr饌l based contemporary dancer Dana Gingras and media artist/dancer Sonya Stefan, was premiered at Agorade la Danse in Montr饌l, Canada. More performances of [anOther] are scheduled for 2019 and the entire composition is planned to be released onvinyl soon.

As Sayaka goes on a long break for her other commitments, Tommi Tokyo makes a fresh start in 2019 with her new solo performance shows. She continues to collaborate with Berlin based visual artist Dead Slow Ahead for selected AV performances.

3rd album [70+a=] on Bandcamp
Available on Cassette, CDR and Digital.

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