* = A/V show with Dead Slow Ahead
** = A/V show with Kat Day (THE KVB)

--NOVEMBER '19--------------------------------------
6th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Birmingham, UK *
7th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Milton Keynes, UK *
8th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / London, UK *
9th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Cambridge, UK *
10th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Bexhill, UK *
11th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Bristol, UK *
12th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Plymouth, UK *
13th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Manchester, UK *
14th Enso Sone: Qujaku & Impatv w/ group A / Bradford, UK *

--OCTOBER '19---------------------------------------
4th Bend Sinister / Zurich, CH*
5th Time Zones Festival / Bari, IT*

--SEPTEMBER '19-------------------------------------
3rd Christoph Winkler: Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist / Berlin, DE
4th Christoph Winkler: Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist / Berlin, DE
20th C12 x Continuum Audio & Visual Night #02 / Brussels, BE **
21st MODE 2019 / London, UK **

--JUNE '19------------------------------------------
1st It Isn't Happening / IIH-3 Festival / Nuremberg, DE
7th OKVLT & Night Drive invitent Knekelhuis / Paris, FR

--MAY '19-------------------------------------------
24th Institute, group A, Property / Berlin, DE
25th オ Spectrum / Moscow, RU

--APRIL '19-----------------------------------------
5th Electronica en Abril 2019 / Madrid, ES *
18th Mousonturm / Frankfurt, DE *
19th ATOM Festival / Zhytomyr, UA

--MARCH '19-----------------------------------------
14th Frameworks Festival / Munich, DE *

--FEBRUARY '19--------------------------------------
1st Umeda NOON / Osaka, JP
9th SODOM at Live Freak / Tokyo, JP

--JANUARY '19---------------------------------------
17-19th 'anOther' Australia premiere at Mona Foma 2019
19th Mona Foma / Launceston, AUS
24th DJ-set (info TBA) / Melbourne, AUS
27th Factoid presents: group A / Melbourne, AUS

--NOVEMBER '18--------------------------------------
15th anOther / Montreal, CAN
16th Drew McDowall, Hiro Kone and group A / Toronto, CAN
17th Drew McDowall, Hiro Kone, group A, La Naegleria / Montreal, CAN

--OCTOBER '18--------------------------------------
5th OUT.FEST / Lisbon, PT

--SEPTEMBER '18------------------------------------
1st PLX Translunar / Ringamala, SE
7th group A x Live video A/V KAT DAY at Ars Electronica / Linz, AT
14th WOS Festival 2018 / Santiago, ES
28th We Are Radar / Krakow, PL
29th Temple Club Opening presents group A / Athens. GR

--AUGUST '18---------------------------------------
7th 32 Festival Noroeste Estrella Galicia / La Coruna, ESP
26th Berlin Atonal 2018 / Berlin, DE *
29th FAM JAM DISK Agency / CTM Festival Sommerfest (DJ-set)/ Berlin, DE

--JULY '18-----------------------------------------
4th group A x Dead Slow Ahead "PLANET A" premiere at Roskilde Festival / ROSKILDE, DK
5th group A x Dead Slow Ahead "PLANET A" premiere at Roskilde Festival / ROSKILDE, DK
7th JARDINS EFEMEROS 2018 / Viseu, PT
19th MACBA, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art / Barcelona, ES

--JUNE '18-----------------------------------------
1st Umeda Noon / Osaka, JP
21st Dark Mofo "Laterne" by Berlin Atonal / Tasmania, AUS
24th Supersonic Festival 2018 / Birmingham, UK

--MAY '18------------------------------------------
18th Black Opera at Goether Institut / Tokyo, JP
25th AOBA NU NOISE / Sendai, JP
27th KIRCHHERR / Hamamatsu, JP
31st Instore DJ event at Hangesha Record

--APRIL '18----------------------------------------
4 - 14th (7shows) AnOther / Montreal, CAN
6th Casa del Popolo(Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Montreal, CAN
27th Club Clandestino at OCEANEN / Gothenburg, SE
28th Intonal Festival 2018 / Malmo, SE

--MARCH '18----------------------------------------
17th La Sala Rossa / Montreal, CAN

--FEBRUARY '18--------------------------------------
16th Konig Otto (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE
17th Under Bron / Stockholm, SE
24th Sabbat Re-union 2018 (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE
28th Boiler Room (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE

--JANUARY '18--------------------------------------
28th CTM 2018 - Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist at theatre HAU / Berlin, DE
29th CTM 2018 - Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist at theatre HAU / Berlin, DE
30th CTM 2018 - Ernest Berk The Complete Expressionist at theatre HAU / Berlin, DE

--DECEMBER '17--------------------------------------
8th Spider, Spit and Broken Bells - Haperende Mens Festival 2017/18 / Amsterdam, NL
22nd Mannequin Records Nacht III / Berlin, DE
30th Killekill Megablank (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE

--NOVEMBER '17--------------------------------------
23rd Villa Kujoyama:25 Ans!in Paris / Paris, FR
24th Closer x Worn Pop 4 Years Black! Factory / Kiev, UA

--OCTOBER '17---------------------------------------
14th TIQ Berlin (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE
21st KAOS London / London, UK
28th Showa Kayo Night (Tommi Tokyo DJ-set) / Berlin, DE

--SEPTEMBER '17-------------------------------------
15th Yucatan Extension / Vilnius, LT
27th CTM 2018 Prelude (DJ-set) / Berlin, DE

--AUGUST '17-----------------------------------------
6th OFF Festival / Katowice, PL
12th Wolkenkuckucksheim 2017 / Chemnitz, DE
19th C/O POP Festival 2017 / Cologne, DE
24th Kalabalik pa Tyrolen 2017 (DJ-set by Tommi Tokyo) / Alvesta, SE
25th KPH Volume/ Copenhagen, DK
26th Vice Versa at Tape / Aarhus, DK

--JULY '17------------------------------------------
7th Gegen Berlin (DJ-set) / Berlin, DE
8th Bol Festival 2017 / Moscow, RU
8th Bol Festival 2017 (DJ-set) / Moscow, RU
28th KRAKE Festival / Berlin, DE

--JUNE '17------------------------------------------
1st Suoni Festival / Montreal, CAN

--MAY '17-------------------------------------------
1st Colorificio Kroen / Verona, IT
2nd Efesto House Concert / Bologna, IT
4th Instants Chavires / Paris, FR
5th Keroxen / Lanzarote, ES
6th Slow Club / Freiburg, DE

--APRIL '17-----------------------------------------
8th Arena Club / Berlin, DE
13th MK Gallery / Milton Keynes, UK
14th Elektrowerkz / London, UK
15th Fat Out Fest 2017 / Salford, UK
19th Glad Cafe / Glasgow, UK
20th Picture House Social / Sheffield, UK
21st Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie / Karlsruhe, DE
22nd Klub 470 / Amsterdam, NL
25th Cave 12 / Geneva, CH
27th The Far East Festival of Cinema / Udine, IT
28th Donaufestival / Krems, AT
29th Donaufestival (DJ-set) / Krems, AT
30th Ai Biliardi / Venice, IT

--MARCH '17-----------------------------------------
1st Boiler Room:Japanese Session at Urban Spree / Berlin, DE
9th Frameworks Festival, DE
10th Centre Dramatique National / Montpellier, FR
11th Le Bourg / Lausanne, CH

--FEBRUARY '17--------------------------------------
3rd AOBA NU NOISE / Sendai, JP
4th Chelsea Hotel / Tokyo, JP
5th KIRCHHERR / Hamamatsu, JP
10th PEPPERLAND / Okayama, JP
11th ENVIRONMENT 0g / Osaka, JP
19th PROJECT A #3 Berlin issue / Tokyo, JP

--DECEMBER '16--------------------------------------
16th GROUP A AT HERZ #8(DJset)
30th Berghain / Berlin, DE

--NOVEMBER '16--------------------------------------
10th Pop Im Ausland / Berlin, DE
11th Le Guess Who? / Utrecht, NL
12th Ateliers Claus / Brussels, BE
18th Saint Ghetto Festival / Bern, CH
19th Sudpol / Lucerne, CH
25th Skif Festival / St Petersburg, RU
26th 16 Tons Club / Moscow, RU

--OCTOBER '16---------------------------------------
1st A-Synth Fest / St Gallen, CH
4th Kset / Zagreb, CR
5th UH Fest / Budapest, HU
6th Phono Festival / Copenhagen, DK
7th Villamanuela Festival / Madrid, ES
8th Avant Art Festival / Wroclaw, PL
21st Keroxen Festival / Tenerife, ES

--SEPTEMBER '16-------------------------------------
3rd Batdance / Oberhausen, DE
7th The Sound of Tanna Japonensis(DJset) / Berlin, DE
9th GROUP A AT HERZ #7 (DJset) / Berlin, DE
17th CTM Festival & Lunchmeat present Berlin Current / Prague, CZ
24th Hyperlocal Festival / London, UK
29th Steirischer Herbst / Graz, AT
30th Macao / Milan, IT

--AUGUST '16----------------------------------------
12th GROUP A AT HERZ #6(DJset) / Berlin, DE
19th Kalabalik p Tyrolen 2016 / Alvesta, SE
27th Atonal 2016 / Berlin, DE

--JULY -'16-----------------------------------------
1st GEGEN / Berlin, DE
15th GROUP A AT HERZ #5(DJset) / Berlin, DE
24th Garage MU Festival / Paris, FR
29th Clandestino Festival / Gothenburg, SE

--JUNE '16------------------------------------------
10th "GROUP A AT HERZ #4" DJset at HERZ / Berlin, DE

--APRIL '16-----------------------------------------
2nd "Golden Cabinet" at The Kirkgate Centre / Shipley, UK
9th at Urban Spree / Berlin, DE
15th at Dj艘z Jazzkeller / Duisburg, DE
16th Manifestival / Utrecht, NL
29th "GROUP A AT HERZ #3" DJset at HERZ / Berlin, DE

--MARCH '16------------------------------------------
4th "GROUP A AT HERZ #2" DJset at HERZ / Berlin, DE
8th "LOOPSIDER XIV" at Loophole / Berlin, DE
29th at Shacklewell Arms / London, UK
31st at The Hope And Ruin / Brighton, UK

--FEBRUARY '16---------------------------------------
4th "CTM Festival" at Berghain / Berlin, DE
13th "Fave Rave" at Badehaus / Berlin, DE

--JANUARY '16----------------------------------------
10th "SODOM" at Neo Masquerade / Tokyo, JP
11th "SONE RECORDS PRESENTS, NEW POP #31" at Kirchherr / Shizuoka, JP
15th "AOBA NU NOISE" at Shaft / Miyagi, JP
16th at Studio Tissue Box/ Fukushima, JP
17th at Spazio Rita / Aichi, JP
28th at Internasjonalen / Oslo, NO
29th at Truck Stop Alaska / Gothenburg, SE
30th at Picnic Electronic / Stockholm, SE

--DECEMBER '15---------------------------------------
1st "group A 3rd album launch" at FEVER / Tokyo, JP

--NOVEMBER '15---------------------------------------
19th Solfa / Tokyo, JP
28th Pool / Tokyo, JP

--OCTOBER '15----------------------------------------
2nd HERZ / Berlin, DE (DJ set)
3rd Sabbat / Berlin, DE
5th Stadtgarten / Cologne, DE
8th Islington Mill / Manchester, UK
9th Merge Festival / London, UK
10th The Cave Club / London, UK
14th Vera / Groningen, NL
16th Jazzhouse / Copenhagen, DK
17th Inkonst / Malmo, SE
21st Rome, IT
23rd PnBox / Pordenone, IT
24th TNT / Jesi, IT
27th Espace B / Paris, FR
29th SOY festival / Nantes, FR
30th RIAM Festival / Marseille, FR

--SEPTEMBER '15--------------------------------------
4th Koenji HIGH / Tokyo
19th Waveteef / Antwerp, BE
23th Camera Japan Festival / Rotterdam, NL
25th TodaysArt Festival / The Hague, NL

--AUGUST '15-----------------------------------------
8th Shimokitazawa THREE / Tokyo, Japan
22nd Forest Limit / Tokyo, Japan
23rd U.F.O. Club / Tokyo, Japan
29th Forest Limit with CARRER and more / Tokyo, Japan

--JULY '15-------------------------------------------
19th group A Live Recording@Soup / Tokyo

--JUNE '15-------------------------------------------
19th METAPHYSICA@NAVARO / Kumamoto, Japan
20th Megahertz with Kawabata Makoto(Acid Mother Temple) and more / Fukuoka, Japan

--MAY '15--------------------------------------------
4th Yobkiss EP launch @ Soup / Tokyo, Japan
9th Vol.6 ERA 13th Anniversary / Tokyo, Japan
14th Clandestino / Faenza, Italy
16th Cassero(Bologna, Italy) / Cronika (group A DJ set)
22nd West Germany by CTM Festival / Berlin, Germany
23rd Gothic Pogo Festival X@WERK2 / Leipzig, Germany

--APRIL '15------------------------------------------
11th The Sound of Rain #7 (group A DJ set) / Tokyo, Japan
24th Helluva Lounge with ZZZ's / Kobe, Japan
25th Osaka Chika Ikkai with SCA and more / Osaka, Japan

--MARCH '15------------------------------------------
24th group A, Jesse Ruins and more@O-nest / Tokyo, Japan
28th PROJECT A #2 @Super Deluxe / Tokyo, Japan
31st Fever with Gezan / Tokyo, Japan

-JANUARY '15-----------------------------------------
16th U.F.O. club with Acid Mother Temple and more. / Tokyo, Japan

--DECEMBER '14---------------------------------------
13th bonobo with Tycoon Tosh, ECD and more / Tokyo, Japan
23rd group A present "SHADOWS" @KATA / Tokyo, Japan

--OCTOBER '14----------------------------------------
2nd PROJECT A #1 with Phew @Super Deluxe / Tokyo, Japan
4th Soup with P.I.G.S., MASS PHALLOCENTRISM ATTACK (from ENDON) and more / Tokyo, Japan

--SEPTEMBER '14--------------------------------------
5th Supporting King Conqubine @Forest Limit / Tokyo, Japan
16th Supporting No Age @O-nest / Tokyo, Japan
23rd Opening for Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa new record launch party @Soup / Tokyo, Japan

--JUNE '14-------------------------------------------
1st Three with moan a.k.a Shinji Mashiko (DMBQ.BOREDUMS) and more / Tokyo, Japan
15th Super Deluxe with Aidan Baker, Gunjogacrayon and more / Tokyo, Japan
19th Mother Magazine #3 launch after party @Hachi / Tokyo, Japan
26th WWW supporting Fernando Kabusacki × Greg Saunier(DEERHOOF) / Tokyo, Japan
26th Three with Nananoba and more / Tokyo, Japan
29th Supporting MOSSENEK @O-nest / Tokyo, Japan

--MAY '14--------------------------------------------
10th Urban Nomad Film Fest / Taipei, Taiwan

--APRIL '14------------------------------------------
13th Style Band Tokyo '14 @O-nest / Tokyo, Japan
19th Roppongi Art Night / Tokyo, Japan
20th Three with DEADPAN SPEAKERS, more / Tokyo, Japan

--MARCH '14------------------------------------------
29th 20000v / Tokyo, Japan

--FEBRUARY '14---------------------------------------
1st SUPER DELUXE with MERZBOW x Anla Courtis(Argentina) and more / Tokyo, Japan
2nd THREE with FOLSETTOS, Sheena and The Rockets and more / Tokyo, Japan
12th "New Vibration" @HOME / Tokyo, Japan
15th Zeela with ZZZ's, YOLZ IN THE SKY and MATG / Osaka, Japan
16th Spazio Rita with ZZZ's, MATG, Jesus Weekend / Nagoya, Japan
28th "Jesus Weekend album launch" @Batica / Tokyo, Japan

--JANUARY '14----------------------------------------
19th "tententen" @Koenji Art Bar Ten / Tokyo, Japan

--NOVEMBER '13---------------------------------------
15th U.F.O. club / Tokyo, Japan
16th "HEAVY DIG!!!!!!" @Kichijoji WARP / Tokyo, Japan
24th "AOBA NU NOISE" @Club Shaft with MATG, Day and Buffalo / Tokyo, Japan

--OCTOBER '13----------------------------------------
11th "group A new album 'INITIATION' launch party" @Super Deluxe / Tokyo, Japan

--SEPTEMBER' 13--------------------------------------
6th group A present "the secret society" @Trump Room / Tokyo, Japan
8th BUSHBASH with Melt Banana and more / Chiba, Japan
22nd "SODOM" @Neo Masquerade / Tokyo, Japan

--AUGUST '13-----------------------------------------
3rd Home / Tokyo, Japan
10th "0/0 exhibition by Matsuda Kohei & Simon Fowler" @ KATA gellery / Tokyo, Japan

--JULY '13-------------------------------------------
20th THREE / Tokyo, Japan

--JUNE '13-------------------------------------------
4th Last Waltz / Tokyo, Japan
15th U.F.O. club / Tokyo, Japan
21st "SODOM 1st anniversary" @Neo Masquerade / Tokyo, Japan

-- MAY '13-------------------------------------------
16th "group A presents, CLUB ANTOINE vol.5" / THREE
25th Helluva Lounge / Osaka

--APRIL '13------------------------------------------
20th Ebisu Batica with MATG / Tokyo, Japan
23rd "COLD CAVE japan tour" with ZZZ's @O-nest / Tokyo, Japan
28th "AOBA NU NOISE" @Club Shaft / Sendai, Japan

--MARCH '13------------------------------------------
26th Last Waltz / Tokyo, Japan

--FEBRUARY '13---------------------------------------
3rd THREE / Tokyo, Japan
15th "HUH presents, Push Hard #4" @THREE / Tokyo, Japan
22nd "Primitive London party by BABYLON" @Trump Room / Tokyo, Japan

--JANUARY '13----------------------------------------
12th "Zs SCORE: A Live Remix Installation" @Vacant Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
26th "No Babies Japan Tour Final" @Dom Studio / Tokyo, Japan

--DECEMBER '12---------------------------------------
30th THREE / Tokyo, Japan

--NOVEMBER '12---------------------------------------
3rd Tamai abandoned hospital "Left For Dead" Halloween Party / Tokyo, Japan
4th (Radio)Vincent Radio
4th "'Free Pussy Riot Tokyo' found raising event" @Las Chikas / Tokyo, Japan
17th "Twee Grrrls Club Night" @KATA Gallery / Tokyo, Japan

--OCTOBER '12----------------------------------------
5th Heaven's Door with Day&Buffalo / Tokyo, Japan
10th "Chairlift japan tour" with ESP @Underdeer Lounge / Tokyo, Japan
15th "group A present, CLUB Antoine #4" @Echo / Tokyo, Japan
27th "Halloween Party @torse / Tokyo, Japan
29th Three / Tokyo, Japan

--SEPTEMBER '12--------------------------------------
16th Dom Studio / Tokyo, Japan
17th "group A present, CLUB Antoine #3" @Echo / Tokyo, Japan
22nd Deepa with ZZZ's / Hyogo, Japan
23rd HARDRAIN / Osaka, Japan

--AUGUST '12-----------------------------------------
17th "Bunny Bissoux "Power Pink Magic" Opening Party" @ KATA Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
20th "group A present, CLUB Antoine #2" @Echo / Tokyo, Japan

--JULY '12-------------------------------------------
30th "group A present, CLUB Antoine #1" @echo / Tokyo, Japan
31st "group A present, "Improvisation night" @Asakusa Tensai Sansu Juku / Tokyo, Japan

--JUNE '12-------------------------------------------
2nd "THE MODERN AGE CLUB" @Echo / Tokyo, Japan
12th HARDRAIN / Osaka, Japan
13th Hokage / Osaka, Japan
25th Echo / Tokyo, Japan
29th "CONTROL" @Trump Room / Tokyo, Japan

--MAY '12--------------------------------------------
13th CONNECTION / Tokyo, Japan

--APRIL '12------------------------------------------
27th "Olliver's Adventure" opening party @Gallery Commune / Tokyo, Japan
28th "CHALLENGE" @Dom Studio / Tokyo, Japan

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