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Tot Onyx Schedule --
26.01 Roter Salon, Berlin DE
9.2 arkaoda (DJ-set), Berlin DE
4.3 Urban Spree, Berlin DE
16.3 Kwia (DJ-set), Berlin DE

1st February 2023


A new website focused on Tot Onyx's work is set and this website will be closed for the foreseeable future.
This website was set up in 2012, the year the band was formed in order to archive and keep track on all the work of group A. After the band went on hiatus in 2020, Tommi continued to work solo under the new name Tot Onyx. The new website will follow up work of Tommi as well as archive the earlier work of group A'.

Got to totonyx.com now!

7th November 2022

Tot Onyx 1st JP Tour 2022/2023

December 2022
9 Fri. Hangesha Record, Kobe (Dj-set)
10 Sat. Environment 0g, Osaka
11 Sun. KATA Gallery, Tokyo
17 Sat. BAR sirocco, Fukuoka
18 Sun. spazio rita, Nagoya
January 2023
7 Sat. SPREAD Kitazawa, Tokyo
8 Sun. AOBA NU Noise, Sendai

20th October 2022

ENXIN/ONYX debuet gigs next month!

November 2022
18th at Inkonst, Malmo, SE
20th at CAVE12, Geneva, CH
25th at CieroTerra, Rome, IT
26th at KM28, Berlin, DE

More info

12th October 2022

The next solo show of Tot Onyx will be on the 5th of november in Stockholm with iDEAL Recordings!

More info

29th September 2022

VICE Japan x Addidas new documentary on the next generation and the new street culture in Tokyo, ????? (Tokyo Revolution Theory) is now online.

Original score by Tot Onyx, mastered by noguchitaoru (ochiaisoup) - *apart from one track that starts around 3:20.

The documentary is in Japanese language, EN subs available.

Watch now

26th September 2022

Tot Onyx's first full album Senno I is out on iDEAL Recordings today!

>> Senno I <<
Things that don't exist, that don't seem to exist, or we don't believe exist, might be the only things that actually exist.
Things that i always believed that existed, seem to be an illusion.
And things that i always denied the existence of in the past, seem to be what shape reality and rule the world.
But what is reality? And what is illusion?
Is the reality i am seeing the same as yours?
Perhaps not.

粘enno I is the solo debut album by Tot Onyx aka Tommi Tokyo, who has been a founding member of the Japanese performance art/live electronics duo group A since 2012. They incorporated the use of the body in their noise and poetry-performances and they made some resonating appearances at festivals like Berlin Atonal.
Adept at bending expectations, both live and recorded, the band痴 formative early work echoes the experiential vocabulary in which Tommi continues to develop today.
A practice in the rejection of tradition and clich, which in Greil Marcus's words, "Share the principles of negation, rebellion, destruction and d騁ournement.
Tommi Tokyo has worked in graphic design and photography and has worked for theatre and other forms of stage arts. Tot Onyx is her deeply personal project which shares the founding energies of group A, but is traveling deeper and elsewhere. This is a rich study of her interior life.

Released: iDeal Recordings
Master Jack Callahan
Original photo: Adi Putra
Collage: Tommi Tokyo


9th September 2022

Tot Onyx solo live tomorrow at the final night of the legenday Klang in Rome!

More info

31st August 2022

Tot Onyx solo live this Friday in Aarhus.
Entrance free at Alter Festival stage in Mlleparken with 4 live acts, presented by Alter & M56;10

More info

6th July 2022

Preorder starts today for Hiro Kone and i's new band ENXIN/ONYX's debut EP Dorothy.
Get in touch for the bookings with Lisa at DISK Agency for this autumn!


29th June 2022

Next solo gig of Tot Onyx is going to be at Club Simulator on 15th of July.

Club Simulator
at Suicide Club Berlin

Line up:
Tot Onyx [group A] (live)
Sekunde B2B Unhuman
Nastya Vogan
An - I

Online Tickets
Facebook Event Page

27th June 2022

The theatre piece Das Beuys is back next month at Theater Thikwa!

Das Beuys
Thu.30.06 - Sun.3.7 + Wed.6.7 - Sat.9.7 20.00
at Theater Thikwa
Fidicinstra゚e 40, 10965 Berlin


15th June 2022br /> Next DJ-set (Tot Onyx) - This Friday

DARK CEREMONY (by Anachron Circle, DURCH & SUBVERTED) 17 JUN AT 23:59 18 JUN AT 12:00 at Mensch Meier

More info

12th May 2021
The second solo show of Tommi Tokyo under Tot Onyx is going to be at the reopening of OHM Berlin.

KOOKOO @kookooberlin
Friday, June 3, 2022
OHM Gallery, Kpenicker Stra゚e 70
DJ: Mieko Suzuki, ARA
Visual: Yukihiro Taguchi
Design: Carly Fischer

11th March 2022
!! Special live performance >>The Sound of Your 3.11<< to be streamed this Thursday 14.04.2022 !!

Some of you remember the open call last year for submissions of your sound of 3.11 which was set on the occasion of 10 years anniversary of the great Tohoku earthquake and Fukushima disaster. I was overwhelmed by the amount of submissions i received, made a great impression and hope for my experiment in socially engaged projects.
My idea of live performance using only the submissions of this open call was welcomed by D2021 (evolved from NO NUKES Festival '12-'19 founded and lead by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Masafumi Gotoh) and it was realised last month at the legendary venue Soup in Tokyo. We were unable to have audience due to the corona regulations at that time, instead the whole performance of the day will be streamed this Thursday. I sincerely applaud everyone who has been involved in this project, including all of you who kindly submitted your sound, the wonderful team of D2021 and one and only greatest sound engineer of Soup, Nishiyama-san.

Date: Thu. 14.04.2022
Time: 3pm (CEST) / 10pm (JPN)
D2021 Youtube channel

LIVE: (Japanese alphabetical order)
Gotch (Masafumi Gotoh )
Tot Onyx
Miru Shinoda
YPY (Koshiro Hino)


Saki Yagi

Jiro Endo

Neon Sign:

Atsushi Yamanaka

23th March 2022
I'll be djing in Tokyo!

NANA+NA Vol.02 -Rivive-
2022.03.26.(sat) 22:00- at Contact Tokyo
Golpe Mortal (Discipline) -Live
TOT ONYX (group A)

Kei Sakurai
nAo12xu (13th Moon)


・1500 Before 0AM / ・2000 Adv / ・3000 Door

14th March 2022
My new project with Nicky Mao (of Hir Kone), ENXIN_ONYX joins DISK Agency! For more info, please visit our artist page.


5th December 2021
Theatre piece Das Beuys premiere will be followed by 7 performances. Dates below.

Das Beuys
December 8-11th and 15-18th
at Theater Thikwa


25th November 2021
The first solo show of Tommi Tokyo under Tot Onyx is going to be at Monoton in Murcia, Spain on the 3rd of December.

More info

30th September 2021
DJ gigs -

16.10.Sat Sama32
30.10.Sat arkaoda, Dream Baby Dream

28th September 2021
MANNEQUIN RECORDS TAKE OVER Mutant Radio TODAY. Tune in from 2pm, streaming live only!

1st July 2021
NO Recording III will be out next week! This edition features my beautiful friends who never stop to inspire me: Cienfuegos, Horoscope, Isabella, Joachim Nordwall (iDEAL), Nick Klein and Wilted Woman. Keep your eyes open for the news next week!

18th June 2021
We have created a dedicated Bandcamp page for the experimental compilation series "NO Recording".
Today (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), Bandcamp donates 100% of their share of sales to NAACP Legal Defense Fund (a racial justice organisation with a long history of effectively enacting change through litigation, advocacy, and public education). All profits we receive from vol.1 has been and will continue to be donated to them.

Visit NO Recording Bandcamp

Thanks for your support!

17th March 2021
Made a mix focused on Japanese 80's- obscure lo-fi sounds somewhere between industrial, experimental and noise. Thanks to Underground Institute for having me on board!

Listen tp the mix

10th March 2021

On the 11th of March 2011, the most powerful earthquake recorded in Japan occurred in T?hoku Region (Northeast Japan) and the Tsunami that came right afterwards led to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster. The whole event has killed nearly 20,000, over 2,500 went missing, over 6,000 got injured. Nearly half a million people were forced to evacuate at the time and over 40,000 are still not able to go home today.

I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. All the stories i've heard, seen and read in the last 10 years are the most horrifying and heartbreaking, and every year as 3.11 approaches i get a flashback of the shocking images which haunt me for days.

Tomorrow marks 10 years anniversary and I will be working on a project which i would like to have you participate.

I will be recording in my studio all day while channeling all the victims. Some of my fellow artists are joining me and will be also recording in their own individual studios on the day. What i would like you to do, is to record found sounds that you hear on the day. Find sounds that represent your thoughts and emotion in the air. Your everyday sounds might feel different. Sounds can be recorded from midnight to midnight in your own timezone on the 11th of March. You can use your phone, or any other device that is available to you.

I will later on weave all the sounds received into my own recordings to make a sound documentation of 3.11. How life goes on 10 years after the disaster. It's an audio letter for remembrance and in honour of those who lost their lives.

Format = WAV or MP3. Lengths = 10sec up to 2min. Please put in the title of your file where you recorded the sound, name of the city, country etc.

Please submit your file here, you can submit anytime until the end of this month. Please type in your name as how you would like to be credited as a participant.

I will release the work later on and donate all the proceeds to the local organisations who are still working very hard in the T?hoku area. The detail will be announced with the release.

Notice: You waive all rights and ownership of your sound as you submit. Your sound will only be used for this project. By uploading you hear-by acknowledge no claims may be made towards any party regarding the ownership and use of the recording.

Looking forward to receiving your sound. Tommi

10th January 2021
Tot Onyx (Tommi Tokyo solo project)

28.1.Thu • Online - JUMP CUT episode 1@CTM Festival
29.1.Fri • Online - APOTOME Live@CTM Festival
24.2 Wed • Online - DJ-set on Headsradio
27.3 Sat • Online - DJ-set on MotifTV
24.7 Sat • Berlin/Online - III TodAncestor with Yuko Kaseki

Spring Full Europe Tour and other planned tours and shows in 2020 for Tommi Tokyo's solo project Tot Onyx have been canceled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Hope to see you all very soon!

1st January 2021
Happy new year to you all. I hope you are all safe and healthy during the ongoing global pandemic. Here is an announcement on our current situation.

As the violinist Sayaka Botanic fell ill in 2019, i continued to work as group A on my own. Unfortunately we have only seen a little progress in her revcovery so far. Given a huge amount of time to work on my own in isolation during the pandemic, my work has started to grow as my individual solo project Tot Onyx. This project is what the band has naturally evolved into after 8 years of our first chapter of group A and we hope we'll keep evolving in the future! This is my life work and nothing will stop me from doing what i'm doing.
Please follow the new Instagram account @tot_onyx for news and updates. First solo album is expected to be released in the Autumn of 2021.

Thanks all for your wonderful support for the last 8 years and i hope to see you all again when we can all be at the same place to experience and communicate through music again.


27th OCTOBER 2020
Berlin Atonal has just announced the Boxset/EP "More Light" and Tommi Tokyo's new project with Hiro Kone debueted with a single "DIN DIAN" which is included in the 5th EP.

More info about More Light 5/5

More info about More Light Boxset

26th OCTOBER 2020
New video INITIATION will premiere at FACT Magazine tomorrow Tue. 27th October Midday GMT!

19th October 2020
group A's first full length studio album self-released in 2013 only on CDR format is now pressed on vinyl and re-released by Spain's B.F.E. Records.

Order LP/Digital

2nd October 2020
NO Recording II is out today! (see the post below for more info)

150 limited cassette tapes will be shipped out by the end of this month.


16th September 2020

PHXT06 is out today on Athens' Phormix Tapes. We collaborated on a track "Flea Bites" with Nick Klein.

Proceeds from this compilation is donated to The Movement For Black Lives.


4th September 2020
Vol.2 of our charity compilation series "NO Recording" has just been announced on our Bandcamp, it's Cassette and digital editions are both available on pre-order.

Vol.2 is a split album with YPY, Kohhei Matsuda, Kenichi Iwasa, Tot Onyx and group A. The release celebrates the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing.

All the profits we receive from vol.2 goes to ICAN - International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


3rd July 2020
ALIBI T-shirt back in stock with new colour Black.


19th June 2020
Our new charity compilation series "NO Recording" spotlights on over 1000 unreleased tracks, improv sessions and random recordings from our past. In order to act fast to emergency campaigns, fundraisings and people who are in need, the strict "no additional recordings" rule is set and instead challenge ourselves to cook with what we have in our fridge. Requiring no shoppings enable us to serve faster.

All the profits we receive from vol.1 goes to NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


25th APRIL 2020
Mannequin Records has just announced group A's new album 'anOther'. The full length audio documentation of multimedia performance show created and premiered in Montreal in 2018, in which the duo collaborated with Dana Gingras of Animals Of Distinction, multimedia artist Sonya Stefan, lighting artist Mikko Hynnenin and knitting artist TICA.

Agora de la danse: anOther
Order LP/Digital

17th APRIL 2020
Circulation 2nd press on Mecanica Records is now available for pre-order on our Bandcamp page. We'd like to let you know that if you are ever feeling hesitant to spend money on vinyl right now we're happy to reserve a copy for you up to 6 months. Please get in touch via Bandcamp.

Thanks all for your support. We're blessed more than ever to feel connected to all your warm hearts and share our thoughts through releasing during the lockdown. Releasing had never really been a huge part of our activity but the time has come to change our mind. New experiments start now, determined to find a new, sustainable way to keep our community connected, as it may take a while until we can start to experience the power of live music again.

Big thanks and love to Mecanica Records for working hard during a difficult time.

Pre-order LP/Digital

10th APRIL 2020
Our 2018's EP "Circulation" has been repressed by Mecanica Records and the presale has just started. Release date is 5th May 2020.
Limited edition of 350 copies. Special edition of 110 copies available on transparent vinyl with an extra insert.

Pre-order LP
Pre-order digital

1st APRIL 2020
group A and Kat Day (The KVB)'s live A/V show "Formwork" performed at MODE 2019 in London last year has now been released on FACT Magazine's website in full.

10th MARCH 2020
Full European Spring tour 2020 in April/May has been canceled/partly postponed due to outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). New dates will be announced soon.

1st SEPTEMBER 2019
UK Tour 2019 has been announced.
Outlands Tour 2019: Enso Sone with Qujaku and Impatv

06.11 Birmingham - Hare and Hounds
07.11 Milton Keynes - MK Gallery
08.11 London - Corsica Studios
09.11 Cambridge - Cambridge Junction
10.11 Bexhill - De La Warr Pavillion
11.11 Bristol - Cube Cinema
12.11 Plymouth - Karst
13.11 Manchester - Fairfield Social Club
14.11 Bradford - Fuse

Info and Tickets

22nd APRIL 2019
Listen back to group A's latest mix for NTS show [FRACTAL MEAT ON A SPONGY BONE] on 22.04.2019.


24th MARCH 2019
I was invited to Freak Zone Playlist, BBC radio 6 Music in which i shared some of my new discoveries during our month long journey in Australia and Japan earlier this year. - Tommi


14th MARCH 2019
New live A/V show 2019 with Dead Slow Ahead starts today at Frameworks Festival in Munich.

Booking: simon@disk-agency.de

25th FEBRUARY 2019
Latest EP "Circulation" cassette edition is now on sale on group A's Bandcamp page.

30th JANUARY 2019
Pre-order of group A's latest EP "Circulation" cassette edition starts now, shipping out on the release day on 25th February.

Go to Bandcamp page

24th OCTOBER 2018
group A's first remix work:
Langham Research Centre - Tape Reworks Vol. 1

1. Quasar Melodics (Jim O'Rourke Remix)
2. Perpetual Motion (group A Remix)

Out on 7" vinyl / download on Friday 2 November.

Pre-order here

28th SEPTEMBER 2018
group A's new EP 'Circulation' is now available in digital format on Bandcamp.

Go to Bandcamp page

6th SEPTEMBER 2018
We're thrilled to introduce our new work in collaboration with Kat Day of The KVB which we are going to present for the first time tomorrow at A E N - Ars Electronica Nightline in Linz, Austria.

6 years ago my obsession for modernist architecture lead me to start studying photography, just about the same time when group A started to throw paints on stage in small punk venues and galleries. In the 3 years of my college life, i enthusiastically kept on visiting those in danger of being demolished and took thousands of photos some of which i exhibited and made a book for my graduation. Since then i have been looking for a way to integrate these works into my musical and performance expression as group A.

Based on our shared love of architecture, we attempt to reinterpret modernist architecture by integrating my photography works with Kat Day's 3D digital renders, which will be processed via analogue video machines to create living fragmentations of concrete constructions. The video will be manipulated live in response to group A's music, who will in turn respond with sound - a feedback loop of architectural distortions.

Kat Day - Since studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths, architecture has been a constant subject of her investigations into the haptic perception of digital and analogue media. For her degree show, she created a playable video game version of a derelict dollhouse she found on the street in South London and throughout her time as one half of The KVB, architectural structures have appeared frequently in both Kat's live visuals and album artworks.

Information of the show: Ars Electronica

1th AUGUST 2018
New merchandise to celebrate 'Circulation' release are now available on Bandcamp. All the pre-order will be shipped out on 4th August.

Go to Bandcamp page

7th JULY 2018
group A's new EP 'Circulation' will be released on Kasual Plastik on 6th of August. Pre-order starts today on Bandcamp.

Go to Bandcamp page

26th JUNE 2018
group A x Dead Slow Ahead present "PLANET A" at KlubR? at Roskilde Festival 2018 on 4th and 5th July.

"This year KlubR? presents a reinterpreted version of an universe that merges art and music. Inspired by the Science Fiction-trilogy ?ilith? Brood? by Octavia E. Butler, KlubR? will be moving into a space of cyborgs, aliens and hybrid beings, questioning what it means to be human in a time, in which it is too late to regress.
KlubR? wishes to examine how human? destructive behaviour changes the world, but intends also to highlight how the changing conditions have a potential of introducing new ways of being in the world, which questions hierarchical structures and opens to alternate perceptions of gender constructions."

Our recent focus and conversation about environmental concerns lead us to think about the human evolution in much larger scale. When we met up with our fellow visual artist, Dead slow ahead (CHE/DE), the question naturally directed him to experiment with and on own appearances, using photo montage technique in a 3D animation software, in order to create avant-garde human forms of the future. As a result, we have created our own imaginary post-apocalyptic world "PLANET A".

INFO: Roskilde Festival FB page

1st FEBRRUARY 2018
Our JAPAN TOUR 2018 has just been announced. 5/18 Tokyo, 25th Sendai, 27th Hamamatsu, 6/1 Osaka. More shows to be announced.

12th JANUARY 2018
Our first 12" single from Mannequin Records is now on Bandcamp.
Buy on our Bandcamp

11th JANUARY 2018
We are going to be on Cashmere Radio, monthly Plastik Universe show as guest djs tomorrow on 12th.

More info

2nd NOVEMBER 2017
Mix and Interview for Digital Tsunami is online now.

28th SEPTEMBER 2017
i-D Magazine Japan #4 featuring our interview out today. check online

20th SEPTEMBER 2017
Our latest interview for MOTHER MAGAZINE is online now.

25th JULY 2017
Our latest 'A Summer Mix' with tribal rhythms, bongo and eastern ethnic sounds mixed with row and cold industrial hammer beats. With our latest interview on Brvtalist.

14th JULY 2017
3rd album [70+a=] CDR is back in stock. T-shirt will be in stock soon as well.
Buy on our Bandcamp

8th MAY 2017
Our merchandise was robbed in Paris by some wanker(s) who managed to break into our car without smashing the windows. All the CDs, cassettes, tote bags, the new T-shirts and buttons are gone. Bandcamp page will be updated with small amount of stock left in Berlin within the next couple of days.
Please keep an eye on our merch, if you see any item being sold by a third party which look suspicious, please kindly report to us. Thanks!

19th DECEMBER 2016
New video for "Deadly 16", the additional track for vinyl edition of our 3rd album "70+a=" has now been released.

26th SEPTEMBER 2016
Limited vinyl edition of our 3rd album [70+a=] is released from Mecanica Records on 30th of September.
To celebrate our first vinyl release, we have a special offer for you(*limited to 20sets).

Buy on our Bandcamp

19th SEPTEMBER 2016
Our 3rd album is going to be released on vinyl from Mecanica Records on 26th September. Here is the premier for the additional track "Deadly 16".

16th SEPTEMBER 2016
Our 2nd album [INITIATION] released in 2013, is now on cassette tape. 1st issue is limited to 50copies.
Buy now

12th SEPTEMBER 2016
Interview with The Drone.
Read (French only)

21th JUNE 2016

group A Bandcamp : https://groupa.bandcamp.com
30% Discount code : juni_seil
*type in the code when you purchase.
Valid from 16/6/2016 - 30/6/2016

15th JUNE 2016
We are featured in WIRE magazine July 2016 issue, out now.

WIRE magazine

27th APRIL 2016
BBC Radio 3 Late Junction

Our first BBC session at the legendary Maida Vale studio with improvising pianist Steve Beresford will be on air on Thursday 28th April at 23PM(UK time). Sit down, and go to the link when the time comes.

9th APRIL 2016
Interview with African Paper.
Read (German/English *link just below the introduction)

29th MARCH 2016
UK Tour
29.3.Tue • London - at Shacklewell Arms
31.3.Thu • Brighton - at The Hope And Ruin
1.4.Sat • Shipley - at "Golden Cabinet" at The Kirkgate Centre

7th MARCH 2016
Interview with straylandings.co.uk

28th JANUARY 2016
Scandinavia Tour
28.1.Thu • Oslo - at Internasjonalen (NO)
29.1.Fri • Gothenburg - at Truck Stop Alaska (SE)
30.1.Sat • Stockholm - "Picnic Electronic" (SE)

10th JANUARY 2016
Petra Flurr(DE) + group A "Unbekannt oder Vergessen"
Japan Tour 2016.1.10-17

10.1.Sun • Tokyo - SODOM (JP)
15.1.Fri • Miyagi - "AOBA NU NOISE" SHAFT (JP)
16.1.Sat • Fukushima - REBUILLDOH, Koriyama (JP)
17.1.Sun • Aichi - SPAZIO RITA, Nagoya (JP)

31st OCTOBER 2015
Our first European tour finished last night. Thank you for everyone who came down to see us, we will see you next year. Our next EU tour starts at the end of January.

++ Europe Tour SEP-Oct 2015 ++
19.09.Sat • Antwerp - "Waveteef" Het Bos (BE)
21.09.Mon • Antwerp - Korsakov (BE)
23.09.Wed • Rotterdam - "Camera Japan Festival" (NL)
25.09.Fri • The Hague - "TodaysArt Festival" (NL)
02.10.Fri • Berlin - DJset / HERZ (DE)
03.10.Sat • Berlin - "SABBAT" Chesters (DE)
05.10.Mon • Cologne - Stadtgarten (DE)
08.10.Thu • Manchester - Islington Mill (UK)
09.10.Fri • London - "Merge Festival" (UK)
10.10.Sat • London - "The Cave Club" Moth Club (UK)
14.10.Wed • Groningen - Vera (NL)
16.10.Fri • Copenhagen - Jazzhouse (DK)
17.10.Sat • Malmö - Inkonst (SE)
21.10.Wed • Rome - Dal Verme (IT)
23.10.Fri • Pordenone - PnBox(IT)
24.10.Sat • Jesi - TNT(IT)
27.10.Tue • Paris - Espace B (FR)
29.10.Thu • Nantes - "SOY Festival" (FR)
30.10.Fri • Marseille - "Riam Festival" (FR)

14th SEPTEMBER 2015
You can pre-order our 3rd album [70+a=] now on Bandcamp.

The album will be on pre-sale on our Europe tour September/October. Limited in 500copies.

30th AUGUST 2015
We still have many opportunities to come visit your town to perform a show on our next EU tour. See the confirmed dates below, if anyone out there interested in giving us a slot please send us a message. We are also booking for January and Februray next year in EU now. Thanks!

19.09.2015 Waveteef - Antwerp, BE
25.09.2015 Todays Art Festival - The Hague, NL
02.10.2015 HERZ - Berlin, DE (DJ set)
03.10.2015 Sabbat - Berlin, DE
05.10.2015 Cologne, DE
10.10.2015 The Cave Club - London, UK
16.10.2015 Jazzhouse - Copenhagen, DK
17.10.2015 Malmo, SE
29.10.2015 SOY Festival - Nantes, FR
30.10.2015 RIAM Festival - Marseille, FR


10th AUGUST 2015
22nd AUGUST 2015 - Albino Botanic vs. AT METAL
at Forest Limit / Tokyo (Perform in different side projects)

10th JULY 2015
19th JULY 2015 - group A Live Recording at Soup

LIVE:group A
SPECIAL GUEST:Electrosexual(Berlin)

adv 2000yen(w/group A sticker) / door 2500yen


8th JULY 2015
Live tracks recorded at Gothic Pogo Festival X (23rd May '15) are addeed on our Soundcloud. The playlist includes our new song 'Suffocated'.


28th JUNE 2015
DISK AGENCY are now booking group A for 2015 in europe.


3rd JUNE 2015
rokapenis + group A present, PROJECT A #2 -Voice Issue

Video footage from PROJECT A #2 is up online now.


13th MAY 2015
+group A First European Tour MAY 2015+

14th Clandestino (Faenza, Italy)
16th Cronika @ Cassero LGBT center (Bologna, Italy)
22nd WestGermany, organized by CTM festival (Berlin, Germany)
23rd Gothic Pogo Festival X @ WERK2

27th APRIL 2015
rokapenis + group A present, PROJECT A #2 -Voice Issue

Photos from PROJECT A #2 are up online now.

Go to Gallery

28th MARCH 2015
rokapenis + group A present, PROJECT A #2 -Voice Issue

The #2 of our experimental night by VJ rokapenis + group A -a collaboration between visual works and music will be happening under the theme of -Voice Issue- at Super deluxe tonight.

Go to event page

1st MARCH 2015
group A mixed by Tom Furse vol.2

"SIOUX"(8th track of our 2nd album) remixed by Tom Furse(The Horrors) is now on our Soundcloud! *Free download 1st-7th March


1st FEBRUARY 2015
group A mixed by Tom Furse vol.1

"INITIATION"(2nd track of our 2nd album) remixed by Tom Furse(The Horrors) is now on our Soundcloud! *Free download 1st-7th Feb


23rd DECEMBER 2014
group A present, SHADOWS at KATA gallery

group A's last gig of 2014, "SHADOWS -the shadow to experience-" are happening today. We are going to collaborate with video installation by VJ eetee who we have worked many times since our 2nd album launch last year, and an artist Nissa Nishikawa from London.

Go to event page

10th NOVEMBER 2014
Video footage and photos from PROJECT A are up on our tumblr.

Rokapenis x group A present, PROJECT A -roots issue-
2014.10.23 at Super Deluxe
VJ : Rokapenis, Live : group A, Guest Live : Phew

Watch the video
See the photos

10th JULY 2014
Video footage and photos from our gig at WWW on 26th June are up online.

V.I.I.M WWW vol.004
Fernando Kabusacki x Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) ラ Ikuko Harada / Saho Terao / group A / VJ rokapenis / mitchel

See the video
See the photos

11th MAY 2014
group A's 1st album "A" and 2nd "INITIATION" are available at the shops on the list below.

-Downtown Music Gallery(NY, US)
(Tokyo/Ochanomizu, Shinjuku B1(indie rock floor), Shimokitazawa, Kichijoji, Machida, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Yokohama west side, Nakano)
-JET SET RECORDS(Tokyo, Kyoto)
-Meditations(Kyoto, online)

25th FEBRUARY 2014
Latest video of our gig at BUSH BASH in Koiwa last September is up!

Watch it now!

6th FEBRUARY 2014
The footage from our gig at AOBA NU NOISE in Sendai, Japan last year is on youtube now!

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14th NOVEMBER 2013
group A's latest interview about the 2nd album "INITIATION" is up on MTV81 website.

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11th OCTOBER 2013


Since our 1st album "A" was released in 2012, we have been performing non stop(Thanks for everyone who came down to our shows). And now our 2nd album is out! As you could imagine with this strong title "INITIATION", we made this album for you who haven't heard of us, hoping it will initiate you into the mysterious world of group A. And for the others who already know of us, this album is much more focused on the sound and theme. Hope you enjoy it!

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-"group A x Psychostitch" collaboration accessories

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